Why BIO?

The most precious thing everyone has in their life is their health and health of their family. That’s why it’s important to be responsible in our lives and by consuming BIO products this can be achieved. Nowadays, BIO attracts a lot of interest, which makes us very happy. Our nature is a huge gift and it is important to respect it fully. That’s why everyone’s attitude towards nature is highly important, so we are convinced, that by supporting ecological farms, or BIO commodities processors, we can together help the nature at least to a certain level.

Our BIO products and BIO groceries come from certified and strictly controlled system of ecological agriculture, processing and distribution, while during the growing of these BIO commodities no chemicals were used and growers are this way coming back to the traditions our grandparents were used to.

There are many reasons why people should change their attitude towards life and include BIO groceries in their diets. The most important ones are, of course, health and love of nature. BIO products and healthy diet go hand in hand. By consuming BIO products it cannot be 100 % guaranteed that the person will be healthy, but it can be undoubtedly stated, that if we omit chemicals and various genetically modified products from our diet, we are on a right way to improve our health. By including BIO products in our life not only do we enrich our diet, we also help to improve the environment.