Quality control

We guarantee to all our customers the throughout supervision of commodity origin from ecological agriculture. We also guarantee complete transparency over manipulation with organic commodities from the moment of delivery from the supplier, up to its storing and delivery to the final customer. We are successful in following all this thanks to assigning a unique number to every commodity (LOT number), which designates delivery of one kind of commodity, which comes from one farmer and one parcel of land. Our customers have 100 % assurance, that commodities delivered by us come from ecological agriculture and that they came through a quality control system.

During the analyses we work with the reference sample, which we take from each LOT. Reference sampling is controlled by internal regulations, which dictate the procedures. Reference sample is representative with its characteristics and content for all products in the LOT.

The quality control system itself contains many procedures, during which different parameters are measured. By laboratory analyses executed in accredited laboratories around the Europe we can investigate:

  • humidity
  • proportion of impurities
  • number of pieces/marrows, or grains in 1 ounce (28.3495231 grams)
  • presence of parasitic substances
  • color
  • aroma
  • taste
  • presence of GMO
  • heavy irons ratio
  • presence of pesticides and their residuals with the accuracy of 0,01 mg/kg
  • the presence of gly-phosphates with the accuracy of 0,01 mg/kg
  • microbiological parameters and other characteristics of commodities