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The common sunflower (lat. Helianthus annuus) is an annual plant originally from North America. It is from the compositae family. This beautiful and useful plant can grow up to the height of 3 meters. Very characteristic for sunflower is its beautiful big yellow flower head full of sunflower seeds. Inflorescence (umbel) can reach the diameter of 30 cm. Because of it, the growing of sunflower is so interesting for us. Sunflower seeds are used for consummation or to make sunflower oil, which is probably the most often used oil in our cuisine. Sunflower seeds contain healthy fats, water, roughage, carbohydrates, proteins, high number of vitamins (A, B, E, folic acid, pantothenic acid, linoleic acid, beta carotene), also high number of minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphor, potassium, copper, molybdenum, sodium, selenium, zinc, chrome, biotin, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Sunflower is also used as livestock forage in the form of silage.

The root system of sunflower is massive, richly spread and goes into the depth of 1.5 meters and more, which allows the plant to absorb water and nutrients from deeper layers of soil and therefore it can withstand dry weather. Growing sunflower gains energy from the sun and soil and that is why while eating it, we help our body to be more healthy. Are you still asking why you should include sunflower seeds in your diet? Because:

  • It has strong antiseptic effects
  • It boosts digestion and defense mechanisms of organism
  • It works preventively against cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes
  • It helps lower high cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • It helps you to concentrate and remember
  • It improves the quality of your skin, hair and nails…