Organic pumpkin seeds

Organic pumpkin seeds – Specification of product – ASK

Pumpkin (lat. Cucurbita maxima) is an annual farm plant from the cucurbitaceae family. It comes from America, where it was grown by the Incans.

Pumpkin has a wide use. Many of us know pumpkin only as a traditional decoration during Halloween. In agriculture it is used as a forage. In the food processing industry the pumpkin can be used for the preparation of many different meals. Pumpkin seeds are gained from the pulp and are suitable for squeezing oil and direct consuming.

  • They contain many healthy fats, roughage, high number of vitamins and minerals
  • They are a very good complement for losing weight, to lower the level of water in organism, to get rid of the “bad”cholesterol
  • They can cleanse the whole body of unhealthy substances
  • They contain L-tryptophane, which changes inside the body into serotonin, which helps us sleep
  • They are great as a prevention from kidney stones
  • They contain high number of zinc, which effectively influences the body immune system and healthy eyes
  • They are effective in fight against acne
  • In combination with flax seeds they are great for our heart and liver…