Organic lentils

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Lentils (lat. Lens culinaris) is a plant from leguminosae family.

It is known about lentils, that they are a highly energetic and nutritious legume. They are rich in carbohydrates and because during digestion the glucose is released slowly, they are also suitable for diabetics. They contain only very little fats. They have high levels of roughage, which contributes to proper function of intestines. They also contain high levels of folic acid and iron, which helps to prevent anemia. Not everyone knows that lentils contain 7 times more iron than spinach, which is in people’s awareness the biggest source of iron.

Nowadays, there are many different types of lentils. Among BIO products they are becoming better-known:

The black lentils have more solid bobsleigh of darker color, which is the result of high iron levels. Bobsleighs of red lentils are with their size somewhere between the typical brown lentils and black lentils. Because it’s peeled, it cooks very quickly and, what’s very interesting, it has low flatulence effect, which means it does not burden digestion and this makes it very suitable food for the little ones.