No use of GMO proclamation

We hereby declare, that all our organic products, which we deliver to our customers, do not have GMO origin. None of our delivered organic products are made with the help of genetically modified microorganisms.  Because of this, it will never be necessary to label our products according to the valid Regulations about labeling and controlling of GMO (further only Regulations). It is because our organic products do not belong into the scope of these regulations and do not contain any measurable genetically modified material, based on PCR analytical methods.

With groceries and products coming from a country or a region, where some kinds of the given product or its component are genetically modified, we implemented the system of exact identification of origin. For this reason, we constantly monitor the contents of products in accredited laboratories and with our certificate we confirm to our customers the following of no use of GMO products proclamation.

That is all because we care about the quality of our commodities and about the satisfaction of our customers.