Our values

Our values, or the overall philosophy, on which we have built our business, can be simply described in a few words:


  • Abiding law legislation

While doing our business, we fully respect valid law regulations, including international law regulations, and we demand from our employees, but also from our business partners, to behave the same way. Our company operates according to the rules implied by the certificates it holds.


  • Ethics

Following the ethics code and principles, we treat all our employees with respect, we constantly invest into their qualification and into work environment improvements because happy employees are the pillar of every successful company. We make effort to keep respectful relationships also with all our suppliers and customers. We believe, that our approach helps to keep these partnerships, to cooperate in the long term, while keeping everyone satisfied. Moreover, it helps to bring new business partners and customers.


  • Environment protection

The reason why we have decided to make business with BIO commodities was also the protection of environment. In our society, we concentrate on ecologically safe processes, which are nature-friendly. Naturally, we also work with waste recycling, or gaining energy from natural sources.


  • Economy

Business is a continuous circle of connected tasks. That’s why we constantly invest our profits into new technological techniques and processes to improve our services even more. Only this way we can develop, either internally, in relationship to our employees, or externally, in relationship to our business partners and all government institutions.


  • FAIR TRADE principles

Keeping the principles of FAIR TRADE. It is about relationships we have with our business partners, which are very important to us and which are based on transparency, respect and dialogue between both sides.