About our company

The company IMPORTAT DE BONA, s.r.o. was established in 2016. We are a family company. Even though it is a very young company compared to others in the market, we are a dynamically evolving company, which has a main aim to return to the nature in its full power. Our success lies in exceptional relationships with our growers and customers in Slovakia, as well as around the world. It can be claimed, that the main reason for our success is our suppliers and customers whom we respect deeply. The basic thought behind establishment of this institution was to create a company, which works with ecological products and brings to its customers literary health on a plate.

Concerning our activities, there is a domination of expert processing of BIO commodities, which come exclusively from ecological agriculturists, storing of these commodities according to valid law regulations and in the final phase, their delivery to customers from the whole world.

The vision of this company, also the reason for its establishment, is to concentrate on BIO agricultural products and investments into new technologies so as a result these BIO commodities could be processed preserving the highest nutrition levels and simultaneously minimalizing the pollution of the environment.

Our company currently closely cooperates with NOVOSEED, s.r.o., which has its own factory, in which it processes different kinds of BIO commodities considering the nutrition levels preservation and according to strict methods. Cleaning of products is fully automatic eliminating product degradation. It also has storage units capable of keeping several thousands of tons of crops.